He's Obstinately Blind to Everything..

i have this special friend.. and i really like him.  sigh.  i wish some force would intervene and give him a nudge.. he's sometimes difficult, impossible, moody and preoccupied.  but i can't quite believe he is as cold as he claims. 
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i believe so.. thanks sid! :)

aww.. direct hit. dotty, it's sad.. but i'm now really trying to give him space.. surely, nothing's ever so bad once you accept it. :(

gee, thanks for all the comments guys, i really appreciate it! :)

Yes, it will take some efficient and calculating work to open up his emotions. You may need his family or someone to tell you about his past to gain some leverage. Until then, test him by stepping up and being the "man." Say things out of the ordinary that would shake him up a bit. "Do you like girls? What do you think about that guy? If I were a guy how would want me to look?" Any normal guy would get defensive at these questions. It's your job to see if he gets mad or laughs or seems hurt. Then you will know how to proceed. Respond if you do this. Otherwise, happy trails!

i've often pondered about it.. but i guess, it's a little too late for me.. he has kept his distance from me.. doesn't want to communicate with me at all.

From a male's point of view, I would have to say that you should tell him what you are thinking. If he truly cares about you he will listen to you. This is just my opinion.

whoa! vagabondwind.. truly a different kind of person with a different kind of mind.. thanks :)

I know from experience, don't wait for "a force" to nudge him. You be the force! You might be surprised :).

I've kinda had a bad experience with someone like that..who happened to be my bf.<br />
Trust me..let go..

thanks tumblindice. i guess i should better keep my distance from him. accept the whole thing and detach.. :)

I don't know, be careful! I know a few who were really as cold as they said. I tried and tried and really got burned. I should have listened to them. I hope it works out for you.