Make Me Feel Safe...

I use to sleep with this guy that would throw his arm over me and pull me close. Every time we slept in the same bed. We would stay that way, all night, cuddled up and warm. I would wake up the next day in his arms, with his soft warm body pressed so close to mine.

I have never felt so safe in another man's arms than I did in his. Which is weird because he turned out to be a spineless jerk.

But I would give just about anything to feel that safe and warm again.
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5 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Hmm...never thought of it that way. Maybe that was the reason...but I have yet to meet anyone who cuddled that well again. Have I stopped making them feel safe and comfortable..hmm. Thanks for your input, very interesting.

No the reverse, maybe he was a good cuddler because he had anxiety issues and because you made him feel safe and comfortable he exuded a confidence that made you feel safe and comfortable. I know that is how it was for me she made me feel comfortable so I was happier and more confident which I think made her feel safe because I am the protector type as well.

About which part? He had anxiety issues because he was a good cuddler? No. Maybe he ended things the way he did because he had anxiety, i don't know. I could definetly see him as the protector type of personality.

What do you think?

Maybe he had anxiety issues, my ex used to say the same thing about me and I have anxiety issues but probably also thought I was spineless because of my social phobia/anxiety. Or maybe he was an ISFJ also called "the protector" personality type