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Not Just Anyone's Arms, Yours

I woke this morning, and you were gone.
Maybe it is I who was gone.
In each other's arms, the world matters more.
Life promises; your arms deliver.

I will be there.  Please meet me.

Update 22 December 2011.  I posted this story eight months ago with the embrace of a particular person in mind.  She knows who she is, and my feelings are the same today.  As with some old stories, images or videos are removed from their original source locations, and the links are broken.  The image above I added today to replace an original image that I discovered was no longer there.  An embrace restored, but in a new light.

WildeOscar WildeOscar 51-55, M 12 Responses Apr 17, 2011

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What a beautiful picture! (And the story is still very nice….)<br />
<br />
: )

I knew you had seen this story before. The original picture was sort orf anime, but it had a definite strength of feeling to it. This picture is more adult and expressive of passion. *smiles back*

lola, I read your story (new to this), and it does seem remarkably the same feeling. Just as no one is perfect, no situation is perfect, but it is possible to shut out all else but that bond at times.

How I feel summed up beautifully

Easter? goodies? Yes, distracted.

Careful... you can't keep an eye on your Easter goodies when you're distracted so ;)

That kind of such feeling makes us young at heart. That's why love never grows old. It doesn't define any age...doesn't end when wrinkles begin to show's forever young.

The words came quickly, but the anime image is not exactly the one I wanted to paste here. A little youthful, but it still works. I still feel like a lovestruck teenager at times.

Short and candid but with profound feelings.

Oh man, this is nice. <br />
But now I'm sad, because I too hate waking up alone, but I have to endure it a lot.<br />
What's that they say about absence?<br />
I hope you find your way home soon.

Physical distance can't be avoided sometimes. It helps to bridge the distance with words shared. Thank you EH. <br />
<br />
Amy, I am glad you like it.

I'm sorry they're gone. I know how bad this can feel.

So lovely… : )