Until Dawn

How I wish I could be in your arms tonight but I have made a stand and have choosen not to back down.
How I have been longing to be held and to cuddle up to your warmth and fall soundly asleep but I know when I wake up we will still face all the problems that we have not fixed over the years.
I refuse to keep my head in the sand anymore, so I will curl up to a book and hold myself tonight and know in the morning I won’t fill so alone.
gingerpie71 gingerpie71
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2011

Sorry you had to feel like that! I too have felt the need and after i was alone for awile and it got stronger i ran across an old Willie Nelson song called "Can I Sleep In your Arms Tonight Lady" . I started doing it in the shows because i felt it so much. I really miss holding a woman at night.<br />
Thank you for sharing your feelings!!

Thank you for reading, it was a bad night for me!

You are so right about not feeling so alone in the morning after spending it out of someone's arms, whether on the couch or just apart. You just regret even trying when you do and feel like a fool for doing it. Last night my wife actually gave be a bit of a jab as she shoved me away. Part of me has started putting that memory of being wrapped up with another at night up there with winning the lottery and an asteroid hitting the planet. So much to give, and aching to give it, but she wants no part of it...sometimes the men suffer too...

I have been fighting to get attention from my husband for years and finially decided to move into my own room.. i rather be alone then be alone in a bed with someone. i guess last night I just missed the spooning... He would welcome me into bed but it doesnt solve anything.. I wish U luck and I know that this happens to men too!!

That may more of his issue. You don't have to own his coldness, fear, lack of sensivity. You appear to be a warm women worthy of attention. Be yourself for yourself.