Dreaming Of The Impossible

If only it could happen I know what you have said that if I want it we could sleep together but you could never be with me all night after all your wife would miss you. I would still have to awake without you there. So all I can do is dream about it imagine your arms around me, imagine you whispering in my ear that you love me, your hands touching my skin. Looking into your eyes and seeing just how much I mean to you. But it can not and will not happen unless the impossible happens and we all know that it won't. SO I am stuck with just my thoughts and dreams.  I was so surprised by your comment after my idea that I told you on Friday about if mum and dad were away for the night.  You sounded as if you really want it to happen.  We both know it never will but we can dream about the idea can we not.
shall13 shall13
41-45, F
Mar 5, 2012