A Fantasy

... Would you be offended if I told you I want to sleep with you? To sleep, with you... My arms wrapped around your waist, to feel your curves, and you feel my love... To feel you breathe, to feel your warmth... To touch your soft skin, to smell your aroma, to be engulfed, and entranced by your scent... To kiss your forehead and say "goodnight beautiful"... To trace "i love you" on your bare back with my finger... Your hair touching me softly, as I slowly run my hands through it... And just as you fall asleep, the very instant you slip from consciousness, I want to whisper in your ear "you, are mine... And I, am yours..." I want to see the smile break on your lips, just for a second, before you fall into your dream... And I lay awake, watching over you... Hoping, beyond hope, that you can't wait to wake up, because I've made your dreams, your very fantasies... Come true.
PerpetuallyDreaming PerpetuallyDreaming
18-21, M
May 10, 2012