68 Days And Counting.

My Fiance is a Marine. He has been gone now for 68 days . i miss him more and more each day . The days seem to get longer and longer every day he is gone. i try to keep my self busy to keep the saddness away, i know he is doing what he loves and he misses me to and he tells me all the time that this is for us and our future and i am so proud of him... I have my good days and bad days. some worse than others. I try to stay as strong as i can. i have to be strong. im engaged to a Marine. I want to make him as proud of me as i am of him i want to show him i can do this, with out having a total break down. yes, i do break sometime but im only human. i miss him so much and " i wish i could sleep in his arms tonight." good new is that he may get to come home in a month and yes i said MAY.. cause i haave learned with the military there are no gaurantees. i never really know when he will come home. Sometimes i just feel like a sitting duck waiting all the time. yes i am young.. i am only seventeen , i have known him and been with him for four years now pretty much the majority of my teen years and now i am reaching the end of my teen years, thinking of college and my future i knew i wouldnt want to be with any one but him. so when he purposed to me before he left for SOI ,I said yes with absolutly no doubt in my mind. Mine and Damain Story is a little more confusing then i lead it on to be BUT that is a diffrent story .. This one is just about how much i miss him , and want him home. Like i said, i do break and i need a way to express my self . So this is my way of coping with the saddness of the only guy i have ever loved being away.
AJackson0304 AJackson0304
18-21, F
May 18, 2012