I Know Your Out There, We Just Need To Find Eachother

I don't know your name but I know you are there, I will know you when I meet you because I'll be happy just holding your hand, looking in your eyes and smiling. I won't need anything else. when you hold me I know it will be ok. I will make you so happy you will actually want to be around me, and won't try to find excuses why you can't be. It will be the best thing in the whole world to sleep wrapped in each others warmth and contentment, and when we can't be together we'll still be happy knowing soon enough we will be. We won't be afraid or be insecure because we'll both know we mean the world to each other, and we will wonder what we ever did with out each other. i will find you and you will find me, its going to happen it has to. you will like to read my corny writing and I will laugh at your corny jokes and I will really think they are funny. 
I miss you even though I have never met you, and I know you are missing from my life, hurry up and find me, I want to sleep in your arms tonight.
starzzy31 starzzy31
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This is beautiful! I've found mine... hoping you find yours, too.

lonelyness is like sin lol, im content with my relatioship with Jesus and looking for my significant other... liked it :)

This was just simply - amazing poetry in motion.<br />
<br />
Beautiful girl and what a soul full of brilliant light.

I know personally what it feels like to know someone is there with you but you cant see them I've always held onto a love for my future wife and kids and I always will till I meet them dont give up it always finds its way to you thats why i havent given up yet.

starzzy do you know what you are looking for in a man? I know myself I really don't know what I'm looking for in a woman. I used to think I did but anymore I really don't know. I have a couple of stories on here that if you read you may understand my situation. I have gotten to the point that I don't know if what I feel I'm looking for even exist. Are my standards to high? I really feel that what I think I want is very simple but seems so difficult to achieve. These are the reasons I asked if you know what you are looking for. Do you have the same type of issues?

If not me ... ;)<br />
I hope that lucky one finds you ASAP

I loved this. It made me think. That person is out there. Alive. At the very moment. I sometimes wonder what they are doing and their thoughts. When will I meet them? Will it be soon or a very long time from now?<br />
One day, it will all work out for the best.<br />
This is my first story I favorited. (:

I so hope you find that person you are looking for! Right now they are alive, living and breathing some place on this earth at this very moment. Keep your heart open and never give up on your dreams!