Just To Be By Your Side.......

Imagine my black satin sheets, air down low because I know it is going to get hot, i lite candles in every corner of the room, my bed is a canopy with a mirror built in, your down stairs fixing us a glass of wine, white wine that is. I'am out of the shower slipping into something silky and sexy. 

I hear you coming up the stairs my heart races as you enter, i approach you taking my glass of wine from your hand I give you a drink and i kiss and lip the wine from your lips.

We move to the bed as i come down off my tip toes from kissing you, you set our glasses on the night table, you picked me up and kissed me for like a whole minute it seemed.

Next thing i'am against the wall we are making long passionate love. You whisper, I love you.....I tell you.....you know i need you.

We make it to my bed both with sweat all over when my back hit the satin sheets it feels so good you lye down on me ever so softly and we make love all night long over and over. 

We are tired but still want each other, we finish our wine and we snuggle and rest, as you hold me  you tell me how much you love me.....and i reply I love you too.

Just being with you was amazing till I find you my dream will live on.

kimintheclouds kimintheclouds
36-40, F
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hi how are you

It's a very nice female perspective.. I wish I could experience such a thing.

Thank you

I've never had my own women, but just making a women feel eleganly good inside is wat tuns my rocks hard. I'm enchanted with you females.

Keep dreaming, Kim. To lose our dreams is to lose hope. Dont ever lose hope!

I will NEVER give up!!!!!!! HUGS, KIC

LOVE this Kim, can you please add me?<br />
<br />

Very exotic & erotic imagination...<br />
Now spread your legs... to receive my Lapping Tongue ;p> !

Lovely dream

Dreams do come true.

I know and I do believe, :)

Sweet Dreams

thank you........