I miss the way you smell....

You are coming next week. I think the worst of the storm is over. We were never good at tempering our emotions for each other. Our passion. Thats why I refuse to label us. I refuse to even call us friends at this point. Im staying emotionally detached somewhat...its too overwhelming.

But even in your voice I can feel how much you want me...need me. I can feel the desperation your trying so hard to control in the quickness of your breath when you hang on to hear if I say I love you.

And its because your trying so damn hard to heal me that I want to be in your arms tonight......that...
and I miss the way you smell...
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7 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Pretty :-)

So well written...and scary.

I used to feel that way about a guy... then his mom changed fabric softeners.

i knw that kind of feeling, unfortuately 4 me, i will never see him again, he's moved on....



And apparently good luck and better discernment! I hope you make good choices, honey...

This is lovely... &, please, be careful. <3

What Sonnet said.

No one could ask more than that. :)

*ditto sonnet*