His Story.

" The biggest question is - why do I persist? Lets go back again. Why did I ask you out in the first place? I know you've asked me many times why I love you and I couldn't and still cannot answer it. For me it's not quantitative. It's everything. I love being with you, I just like hanging out. I could spend my entire life doing nothing with you. Isn't that enough? Why should I have to quantify it? Why should you be the best person I know in this world (that's mother Teresa and I couldn't imagine spending more than a couple minutes with her)? Isn't this enough? I remember I told you that I love you and I wanted to marry you even without knowing what was in store.. That's it! I thought that between two people all this jazz is secondary. I want to marry and live the rest of my life with the person I love, everything else is secondary. That doesn't change for me, hence it's probably hard to go away. Now, I do understand that how much ever I do try I cannot make you have the same feelings for me. I think that has been clearly established."
trapped21 trapped21
31-35, F
Jan 17, 2013