My first boy friend i went to sleep in his arms an i loved it...it brought us closer then one day he cheated An i couldn't sleep i use to see him holding.me but all along he was gone.i start smoking weed to take the pain away i was 13 then now I'm 18 an it still haunts me
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Drugs never solve the problem and truly make it harder. I am sure it felt good falling asleep in his arms and he made you feel safe but there are many men out there who will give you that feeling and not betray you by cheating.

I feel alone

That is a common feeling, sweety. I often feel alone and I am surrounded by friends, family, and my kids. I just recently separated from my husband and the hardest thing is sleeping alone. Maybe you should go talk to a doctor about how you are feeling because you may have symptoms of depression.

I had a doctoer cause i was depressed at the age of four but he left an i cant find him

Find a new doctor, sweety

I will try

Please do. I am 30 years old and I have suffered from depression all my life. At times I wanted to take my life. I am still in the constant battle with it. Even though I choose not to take drugs for depression I get natural therapy such as tanning. UV rays help with depression. I also take meds for anxiety and PTSD. The only thing that keeps me focused is my kids and that they need me. I to was young and looked for that man to hold me. Instead I got one drug addict after the other. Now I am 30 going through a divorce from a drug addict who hit me. I still have that want and desire to be held by him b/c when he held me it felt great but I know that I deserve better. Please stop with the drugs, see a therapist, and focus on you. Try to invest time in God as well. You will overcome this, I just have that feeling you will, and my feelings are never wrong. God has a good man in your future so allow him to lead that man to you. Keep your guard up for the serpents that slither your way... Goodluck, sweety.


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