I Wish I Could Watch Him Sleeping.

A night with him. I think it would be the only night where I would not want to fall asleep. And I can't help but feel a little bit weird or strange inside because for the past 10 years I have wanted to do absolutely nothing more than to go and stay asleep.

But sleep seems so superfluous when the time I'd be asleep could be spend so much better with talking to him. I would most likely do my best to keep him awake untill the early morning. I would tell him about my favorite song and how it reminds me of him. I would tell him about my favorite movie too and how I believe that character is nearly 100% alike him. I would say he is a complicated person because I don't even know his favorite collour. Then I would ask him, but answer my own question before he could and say; "It's pink. Isn't it?" And smile uncontrollable and he would be very unamused and it would make me smile even more because he's cute and I would have a hard time to keep myself from clinging to him because he's not a huggy person. I'd go downstairs and get my map where I keep all my movie DVD's and grab some snacks too which would probably be mostly chocolate stuff because I love chocolate. And at one point during the night I'm sure I'd force him to watch a Jurassic Park movie with me because DINOSAURS. But we would also watch at least one torturous movie because we love torture and revenge. And while we're enjoying the snacks I'm very sure that I will not succeed in trying to keep myself from comparing him to the chocolate stuff that I brought with me and go like; "I'm eating your family", or repeately tell him that he is a piece of chocolate because his skin is dark colloured.

It would be a very rainy, but also very warm night so we would go outside too because we love the night and I find the darkness intresting and we would just walk aimlessly and talk... Hmmm... This part does not go well with what the group is about I think but anyway, it would still be dark when we get back home and back together in bed again but not before I spend a couple of minutes laughing at his appearance because he'd probably look very weird with his hair down and he would probably sulk and not like it but it's all in good fun. And then I would remind him of how adorable and cute he is which he probably won't appreciate either because he hates it when I say that.

And when he's drifted off to dreamyland, I would still try my best to stay awake to listen to his breathing.

I wish I could sleep in his arms tonight. Or... Maybe not after all.... I wish I could watch him sleep tonight.
YamiMarikLover YamiMarikLover
26-30, F
May 18, 2013