I Wish

BUT we probably wouldnt be sleepin at all.  Id be in layin in her arms, trying to squeeze in closer to her, n she will tell me, if feels like we cant get close enough, then we will be so close we are breathin in eachother, litterally. We will kiss, slowly move to a makeout.. all while her ******* hands are are carressing n exploring my body! God i love that. N we will make sweet love for a while, stop n hold eachother some more. But them hands never stop goin n my mind has lost itself, i am completely consumed. So driftin off starts to occure n she will hit a tender spot n im right back, fully concious n aware of every emotion running through my veins. N the process of makin love starts all over again. What i love most bout my woman is, she fits perfectly in my arms.. n am so damn comfy in hers. BUT anyway.. knowin me, ill pass out first n she will listen to me snore n slowly go herself. So maybe we sleep? Maybe not. :)

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5 Responses Dec 15, 2009

Sorry sir but that definitely was not a dream. The thing is, i was re-livin my previous nights in her arms. But i completely agree with what you have to say. N givin up your safety security to her, but feelin secure in her arms.. thats how it should be.

That was a real confession of a dream. Now, for the real Dream of a wish come true: To fall asleep in the arms of a kind, considerate, loving, and thoughtful woman, is the greatest feeling of comfort, a man could ever have. Just the thought of giving up you safety and security to her, in your slumber, it a great trust. Waking up, alive, is the test of loyality. Getting through the ulterior motives of this all, simply giving up your security to your woman, is the test of Faith. If only this would be....... my life would be complete.

Hahhaha...you're cute when you're sleeping... :)

Hmm good. N i dont? Sweet.

This actually started to turn me on, and you don't snore lol...