Once Before

I was once before on HRT and I was very happy with what I was seeing and feeling as a result. I am getting very upset as I can't find a local doctor to prescribe and I can't get to a doctor that will prescribe outside of town. I will eventually get there but the waiting is really killing my resolve. I have been trying to get on HRT now for well over a year and I live in California. I about 72 miles from San Francisco and It's just out of reach. I so want to leave this backward town and move to city where things like this are not something a doctor would think twice about.I live on a fixed Income and though I have skills and schooling for the Tech industry I can't get to a city where I can find work. at this point I would take a job flipping burgers just to get the money together to get the heck out of here.
RJ43 RJ43
46-50, T
Dec 13, 2012