I Love You, But...

Love - such a simple little world, but describing such a complex, inexplicable variety of emotions...

Not long after I met you we loved each other, you & me.  We loved each other as new lovers do.  We loved each other passionately, desperately.  We couldn't get enough of each other's bodies, we yearned for time together, we cried, we laughed... you were unhappily married and I fought to be with you - I fought so hard, for so long.  I cried so many tears - because I loved you and I knew you loved me. 

Today, I am married to you.  I still love you, and I know you still love me.  But now, we love each other as friends, as confidantes, as advisors.  You remain my favorite person to spend a Saturday morning with.  You are still (usually) the person I want to come home to.  I know you feel the same way - I see your love for me in the way you try to take care of me, the way you bring me coffee in the morning, or wait for me to get home... the way you'll prepare my bath when I get home tired, the way you always ask for (and sometimes even follow) my advice, the way you hug me or hold my hand.  And the love we have for each other is wonderful, and cozy, and comforting...


I miss what we had.  I miss loving you as a lover.  I miss your passionate touch, the way you used to look at me.  I miss feeling your body against mine.  I miss being wanted by you, kissed by you, touched by you in any other way than platonic. 

That doesn't mean that I don't also want and appreciate what that we have.  Perhaps I'm selfish, but sometimes, just sometimes... the wonderfully loving, caring, accepting relationship that we have today is just not enough ...

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Car's going in for repairs soon, so will be stuck without transport for a few days. But I would LOVE to get together with a proper chat :) Let's do it as soon as I'm mobile again? I'll give you a call! Love you lots, my friend... L

Hey Chicken, I am fine - let's get together soon - maybe at Irene after all. Lots to talk about. Also looked at some of my stories yesterday and they seem so distant but they definitely still evoke that time of my life. Life's good now! Love you R

Oy, Joyspring... I read this story (and a few others) and it feels unreal that I wrote them - they contain a lot of emotion that I still relate to but still feels like something someone else experienced! How are you, my friend? We should get together.

How far we've come, my friend.

Hi phatnhapi, thanks for your comment! Sadly, for us it couldn't be rescued... we are divorced now but still retain a close friendship.

but Lizzy - did you tell him everything from YET down ... it can't be impossible to rekindle the passion can it ? .. Please tell me it can be brought back to life ... :( :( :( ....

Sadly, Waterboy, he knows what he's missing on... things were not always the way they are right now. He lives with me, knows me well... and in spite of that (or perhaps because of that) he's decided that I'm not worth loving in the ways that I need.

I think he is missing out on a good thing - he will only realise this when it is too late

Ah Lizzy - you deserve so much more, thinking of you - J

hi. angel <br />
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you know my attitude and opinion. <br />
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It is not Love if he won't touch you, not the love one should have for a partner/wife.<br />
<br />
That is the love that friend s should have for each other.<br />
<br />
When my woman walks in the door, I must want to ***** her naked and want to touch. Sometimes, I may not be able to, because of location, circumstances, company, etc. <br />
<br />
<br />
A man thinks about sex from age 14???? to 90. So figure it out.<br />
<br />
<br />
love<br />
<br />

Thank you so much for your kind words, Toothache & LordVoldemort. I appreciate you guys taking the time to read and comment.

Well spoken, thank you for sharing