Do They Really Care About Me?

sometimes i wish that it was more obvious to see that my family cares about me because they make it really hard to tell wether they even know i exist like just the other day my calle dme by one of her friends daughters names and she hardly ever knows where im at even when i do tell her where im going and when ill be back and my dad hardly ever talks to me he is always trying to maek things "right" with my brother because they have some mager issues and my brother doesnt care about me unless i have money which he never pays me back he always says that he will but he never does and he told my mom the other day that it doesnt matter if i have money or not because it sint like i actually need any so i should she should just give all of the money that I earn, that I  have to work hard for he thinks that he is the only one with a social life but he already gets the majority of both of the paychecks we have coming in we hardly have enough money for food and gas but he always asks for more and my mom just gives it to him but if i ask her for lunch money i get cussed out but she would hand over every last cent to him if asked for it.none of them ever tell me that they love me and they are my family  

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see it was like that with my family at first, and then when i stopped talking to them and started ignoring them and doing my own thing they realised that they needed to show they love me... im sure your family do love you really... just love them.

no problem X


i feel your pain and i am here for you if you need me.<br />

thats really awful that you are being treated this way by your family. as hard as this is to see, they probably are not aware as to how much they are reglecting you---but i could be wrong as i dont know them. one day they will regret how they are treating you and i know that doesnt help you much now but its true. im the middle child and my younger sister is very dramatic and my older brother is busy with getting ready for university so i also know what its like to get lost in the shuffle of family. it really sucks. im always here if you need me ok ??