I Have Had Tickling Used As A Punishment

As a few know I have been away from any kind of internet life due health reasons, but I have bounced back, and back to normal. And getting back into the swing off all things tickling!

Unfortunately my closest friend has moved states, leaving me alone, but before she left me, she gave me an intense tickling session that I hadn't had before, I was tickled without mercy, until I orgasmed, but according to her I wasn't being a very submissive ticklee, so it came for my punishment. She led me into the bathroom, telling me to take my panties off and sit in the bath, I knew what was coming and started to shriek, but obeying her, after all this was my punishment.
She tied my ankles, elevated, so they were resting on the end of the bath, tied to the taps, and tied my arms behind my back, she turned the shower on and pulled down the shower head down towards me, turning on the power shower mode.
(Recently found out that my crotch is extremly ticklish)
I was in the tub, lets apart, unable to avoid what was coming, I was already sensitive from my ******, I felt the powerful water spray running up my thigh and I began to shriek, she slowly teased the power shower back and forth over my crotch, making me buck and laugh, unable to cross my legs, avoiding my pleasure spot making the ticklish torment even more agonizing, until she finally let me come.
I was relieved, but then the ticklish sensations become even more intense as she ran the shower along my thighs, and over my crotch, this time she was revolving the shower head in circles and I was screaming with laughter, ticklishness increasing ever more.
She made me ****** 3 more times, each time the ticklish feelings increasing, until my laughter was silent and I didn't think I could take it any longer..

After the bath tub ordeal, She let me rest for an hour, before telling me that my punishment wasn't over, she had invited our friends from my first ever tickling session, she had told me that since it was her last time she would be able to do this to me, for a while at least she was going to make it memorable.
They tied me down spread eagled, rubbed baby oil all over my body (I was back in my underwear at this time) I tried to pull on my restraints, knowing what was about to happen, they then attacked me all once with their tickling fingers. Feeling the tickling sensations under my arms, belly, ribs, neck, thighs and feet. My friend had told them that it was a punishment, so they showed no mercy. My whole body was tingling and buzzing from the tickling, even though I screamed for them to stop, I really didn't want them to.
(It was quite an interesting day!)
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sounds madening and fun i would have givin you a safe word so i knew you needed me to stop but it sounds like you had a good punishment i bet you wanna be very bad very soon dont you?

Wow that's awesome..love the story..thanks for sharing.

hey add me to your circle, id love to chat

add me.......we can have a nice tickle chat

What's good:)
You should add me

Can we recreate this :)!?

Was this person just a friend? If so, how do you get them to sexually play with you? Also, i want some one to do that to me!

I bet I could make one way more memorable for you.

I bet I could make one way more memorable for you.

Wow. Damn girl, that was hot. Great use of the shower head also!

Have you had any further similar experiences?

damn sounds fun

How I wish I could have been apart of that fun. Very nice