At One Time It Was...

when i was 13 years old i had this boyfriend that tickled me all the time. I use to make him tickle me. I would say a smart *** comment or i would just randomly jump on him. Pretend I wanna fight him or just pretend I'm keeping a secret from him. But my punishment was always being tickled!! And he would tickle me for hours upon end. His mother would usually have to come and save me. He would always tell me how lucky I am that he stopped. Again I would say some smart *** comment and he was back to tickling me. His tickles felt like each finger had their own set of hands. It was horribly amazing in every which way.

but we broke up a little over 6 years ago. and this is the only reason i miss him. i miss getting the **** tickled outta me.

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5 Responses May 6, 2012

Sounds a fair bit like my story

That sounds like fun. I love tickling girls feet and sides.i tickled a girl so bad she couldnt stop laughing and then she got angry

I had a boyfriend like that once, I miss that about him the most.

tickle fight?

I wish I had a boy friend like that

yeah tickling was about the only thing he was good for tho lmao

You do, me!