I Wish That Tickling Could Be My Punishment

Tickling can be pleasurable thing. I love it when my friends tickle me, and make me laugh. I can be cheered up and be happy when people tickle me. I understand that it can be fun, but it can be torture. Back in American History, there used to be a way to punish adolescent and adult offenders. In the center of the market square was a set of stocks, that restrains the feet. Before or After the offender is put in the stocks, their shoes and socks is removed exhibiting their bare feet. The crowd will humiliate them by throwing rotten fruit, or tickling their feet. The offender is usually kept in the stocks for several hours a day.

I cannot imagine being tickled my the public. I would laugh so hard because I am super ticklish. This method of tickling would teach me a lesson instead of jail time or community service. Also, my parents would see me in the stocks, and probably tickle me too. I would be exposed to my friends, and my ticklishness will make them agressive.  

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3 Responses Jan 25, 2010

I have had this done before at a renaissance fair with my friends.
I had my socks and shoes removed, I was sat in a wooden chair, my feet stocked directly infront of me, and my arms tied above my head, on the backboard. I was the jailbird of the day. I was kept in the stocks for 2 hours with nothing to do but be tickled, whenever I wet myself after 30 minutes of tickling, you can imagine what it was like for me.

Yes, I can imagine! Weren't you so embarrassed?

Can't get any more exposed. It's humiliating and exhilarating all at once.

that is my biggest fantasy...getting in trouble & doing tickle time instead of jail time...im horribly ticklish