He loved to bring me presents ! He would bring live mice to watch me scream and jump on the nearest piece of furniture... growling at me like i was going to take it and eat it! He would bring me live snakes and try to bring them in the house, most of all he loved placing his kills on my door step so i could stumble over rabbits , squirrels etc.

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tulick thats funny but cats dont respond to woopens really well.

if you ever get another cat train then not to do that just like you train them not to climb curtains or jump on the table

I loved knowing i didn't have critters in my house but eww! He actually was like a dog he would issue a warning if he thought something was going to hurt me and attack, go for walks with me and loved sitting on my shoulder ... That big beautiful black cat i miss.

if i had a cat that did that it would get a smack everytime it did that

I believe that they bring gifts like that becaus they love you, they want to share. Maybe they think you're too skiny. Lol. I always thanked them for the gifts. Lol

that cat would learn real fast not to bring me dead things

When i moved back into the city , i was in a 3rd floor apartment . The landlord had left a screen out ... That crazy cat caught a bird ! I couldn't believe it , so far no posse .lol