Lost In Emeralds

 There he was,Dylan, my nephew. As I held him for the first time, his eyes slowly began to open as if getting used to the light. It was then that I knew that those emerald eyes would have me wrapped around his tiny little fingers forever. Who knew a child, not even mine, could have such an effect. I hadn't realized yet how much his absence would change my world.     It was September of 2000 and we were at a company picnic. Things were winding down and it was time to go. I remember riding home and my mom's phone ringing. Mama's face could have scared a ghost. Little did I know that I'd be spending the next twenty minutes incessantly asking, "What is it?", "What's going on?" (knowing good and well what had happened,so much I could have hollered right there how happy I was). See my sister was 19 and living with her fiance. It was only a matter of time before we got news. News that my parents weren't too excited about, at least not yet. I didn't care though. All I cared about was that I was going to be an aunt.     So low and behold two days before my fourteenth birthday we got THE call. It was great. He was so active. It seemed like one day he was smiling and the next day he was chuckling at the ceiling fan as if it was the funniest thing in the world. And boy, oh boy, did those emeralds shimmer.It didn't quite last like we all hoped it would.     The smiles became rare and the chuckles non-existent. Soon enough we got another call. This wasn't such a happy call. The baby had stopped breathing and after being sent to Blanchfield he was life-flighted to Vanderbilt. Fortunately, for the sake of our sanity, we stuck together because the news we would come across the next day could break the strongest heart into a million pieces. Turns out my brother-in-law had been shaking him, which led to inactivity and eventually the death of a house filled with soft laughs and sweet lullabies. All at once my heart dropped and my world crumbled.     His hospital bed, that seemed to overwhelm his little body with wires, left him looking helpless. As the friends and family that had stayed with us during the last days of his short life circled around the bed, the chaplain began to pray. "Dear Father..." and suddenly I was lost, lost in haunting memories of tiny fingers that seemed to heal everything, of a smile that no matter how toothless couldn't look any sweeter, and most importantly, of emeralds. These emeralds seemed as if picked out by God himself to bring happiness and send away fear and worry. But things were different now. I opened my eyes and looked down as the machines slowly stopped beeping and realized, never again would I see those eyes shine. And as a hush came over the room I noticed one little tear hanging from the corner of his eye and just as soon as he came into our lives, he was gone. I felt horrible yet I couldn't find the strength to cry another tear. I realized at that moment I had taken for granted the time I had been given and how no matter how much I loved my nephew I never took the time to say it. My biggest mistake. And so I say: never take your loved ones for granted. Whether they can understand you or not, make it a point to say and show how much you love them. you never know, you may never get the chance again. 
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It sounds like he was a sweet little boy. It is a shame that he died so young.