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I don't know why it seems so ridiculous that one should master a language in order to become more communicative to reflect one's growing perspective in life, but the idea of being a stickler about such is all but laughable these days.  Academia does less and less to maintain standards, while our blogs, ezines, local rags, and hypersensationalist media pervade ever-younger afficionados with inconsistent use, misspellings, idiomatic lingo, and blatant disregard for our language. It boggles the mind.

Recently, as I read the cover letters of applications for a high-ranking position at a university, grammar and spelling helped me weed out most of those who needn't have applied. What's most disheartening is that there were probably perfectly grand candidates in that pile, but what would people think of a university that holds someone in high esteem who can't produce a cover letter without blatant misspellings and misuse of grammar?
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You caught my allusion, Ward- well done, sir. ; )

Do point it out, Love- someone has to catch the punchline!

should I point out yours or just let it ride???<br />
<br />

I agree completely. Perhaps, all the result of a misuse of spell check (and calculators). Or just the failure of modern teaching methods.