LOL Omg Taht Is Soooooo Tru Gramer Iz V Importent

...just kidding. Wow, I think I made myself have a mild seizure there. I cannot stand chatspeak, especially when the person keeps saying "lol" after every sentence (or is it a sentence? They tend not to give punctuation a priority). I was shocked when I learned that a 30-year-old member of a forum I frequent did not know how to spell "encourage" (it came out "ingurage"). And there are a few friends of mine who I can't understand when chatting on IM simply because of their horrible chatspeak. Another bothersome thing (although I'm guilty of this on occasion) is the excessive use of ellipses in place of real punctuation.
Christabel Christabel
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2007

Haha, 'tis indeed not preposterous at all that some human beings write in a ortho-grammatically blasphemous way. But w3 liek 17 that way :P nah, just kidding... It is annoying, it truly is. But asking for the universal adaptation of correct grammar use online is almost akin asking for the impossible... *Sorry for my bad grammar btw* ~blushes~

Yes, but you know what txt-spkrs r liek... us telling them how appalled we are by their failure to grasp even basic grammar just ingurages them ;)