This Is Funny

I love groups that make me laugh, I completely agree with this experience.

He is not an actor, though I have seen most of his movies. Strange, I guess it means I am a bad judge!! But thank you for this group, I still can't stop laughing.

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5 Responses Mar 7, 2009

@lagenomai: you are right, thank you I should stop supporting those I don't approve of, well spoken. shame on me.<br />
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@ Urbrandofheroin: thank you for this experience, you are so funny. It really makes sense though, with all these great actors we have to watch the rock! and I supported him!<br />
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@ GwennaJane: Well since I am the one who watches most of his movies I can use your word to defend myself. thanks you and I will quote you.

Aw, c'mon. I know he can't act ... but look at him! He doesn't freakin' have to!!!!! You are totally missing the point. ha ha ha :)

You're welcome for the group.<br />
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I was just watching tv last night and saw a commercial for an upcoming movie with him in it. I guess the economy has gotten so bad the producers can't afford good actors anymore, so they called The Rock! lol!

I completely agree, he is awful!<br />
I did enjoy the scorpion king too, I think that makes me awful in choosing movies!!<br />
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Thank you Robert, at least I know intelligent people watch him too.

He is an awful actor, but he's used to acting in front of stadium audiences, not cameras. I have to admit to quite enjoying The Scorpion King.