Wish I Could Be Bite......

Wow, right before the movie came out, I just finish reading this book called Real Vampires, have real curves. It was really good, the sex scenes were, so intense I would be hanging off the edge of my chair. I always end up ************ all day when I read it, I really enjoy it.

After I finish this book, I just saw a preview about the movie and knew right away I would fall in love with this movie. I needed to get the book right away, so I can stay on top of my fantasy world, which I visualize it coming true, becoming a vampire, being immortal having higher powers, strengths. It's such a turn on, I've done some role playing but never gone to the point where I would drink someone blood.

Since this I been on the look out for spooky places, books, movies, etc... I truly can't get a enough of it. Could anyone recommend other good books, movies, tv shows that they have send already? It would be greatly  appreciated. Thank you in Advance! Have a wonderful day, Have a vamp day!


Yeahhot1 Yeahhot1
22-25, F
Feb 13, 2009