Wishing the World Was a Better Place.

I often wish in this world to leave my door unlocked, instead of worrying about the unknown person who may wish to do harm to my family.  I wish i could not think about the ********* who probably wants to do my daughters harm, though not one of them lives near.  I wish to be able to speak my mind, without fear of some kind of retaliation from someone who does not know how to use their words, but a weapon instead.  I wish that the people of this world would stop killing children just because they were there.  What can an infant do to you?  I want to walk at night with the wind in my hair, and familiar earth sounds around me.  I don't want to hear my heartbeat so loud and my head to swivel looking for the shadow man to jump out.  If the world was a better place I could trust more, love more, and feel peace more.

jenofactor jenofactor
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

hi how are you doing out there....can you show me the procedures to add people so i can chat with them..???