Smile At A Stranger

So many people seem so angry in the world, like just walking down a sidewalk getting hard looks from people etc. I say cheer someone up today by just smiling at a stranger.
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That is a great idea...that would cheer me up if a stranger smiled or said hi. To be honest I have anxiety issues and do not do well in crowds. I often become angry and speed walk to hurry up and get away. The thing is I need to overcome this anxiety and I don't know how. I know it is all mental so the best way is to probably face the situation and think differently. <br />
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Maybe next time I go to walmart or wherever I can smile and say "Hi" to everyone...maybe I can pretend everyone is my friend and I won't be so angry at them.<br />
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Sorry if the idea or I sound crazy. But thanks for the suggestion and helping me produce an idea. :)

A smile is always welcome:)

ps. Yes, lets. Lets cheer someone up. Cheers

Hello. If only! As long as we have the 'I want things my way brigade' & 'Your ok if you agree with me brigade' we will never have peace. History has not changed throughout. We all have to eat, drink & live on the same planet, but thats not good enough for some people. They either steal it, kill it, bomb it or radicalise it. That I am afraid about sums it up. Thankfully, scripture talks about a 'peace that passes all understanding', and 'that He has come that we may have life in all of its abundance'. I am so glad about that. As there is little else, anywhere else, as you have observed. <br />
Best wishes<br />

Amen. :)