Bandit Girls

Today, I was walking with mom. We were near the shop where we wanted to go when a group of teenaged girl, maybe around 16-18 came near and stretched their group around us up to the width of whole sidewalk. My mom automatically grabbed her bag closer and shouted at me "wait, come here!" So I immediately stopped and turned towards her. I wanted to go faster to get away from this not-very-kind-looking group of girls whose face were radiating stupidity, but my mom decided to slow down to let the group pass. So when I stopped and turned back, I rain into one of the girls and she started to yell at me. 
It was obvious that  either they wanted to rob us or at least create a conflict. 

Then she ran back to me and it seemed that she wanted to hit me, but she only had strong words but not courage to do it when my mom stood in front of me as a bodyguard, holding  big umbrella which she was prepared to used as a weapon. Then the girl turned back to her group of idiots while murmuring something that I didn't hear.

I was thinking before about taking classes at self-defence course and now I have  a good reason to do it. 
Why world can't be a nicer place?  Where will this end up? Maybe I will have to buy a taser.Girl bandits.
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

yeah, they were

ehhehe... umbrellas are extremely dangerous... or.. may be.