What's Wrong With Being Nice?

Why must people be rude and apathetic to one another? Is it really that difficult to show a little kindness every day, to everyone you meet? I will never understand cruelty.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

Cruelty is hard to understand. A lot of times, people are dealing with messed up situations in their own lives and it clouds their thoughts which impacts their actions. Emotions can lead someone slam off of a cliff if not careful.. Feelings can definitely be overpowering. All I can say is, mean and bitter people are that way because they have not yet learned to cope with the surprises life gave them. Living ain't easy, so I can definitely let you know that it's not personal. Work on never letting someone else's bad feelings penetrate you. <br />
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Smile, that's more contageous!