Take This Pill

Here...take this pill and all your troubles will fade away.
Yay finally!!!!

I wish there was such a pill that one could take and literally every problem they had would just go away.  NO I'm not talking about illegal drugs, they seem to cause more problems.
I mean a real pill, it would be called, Problem-Be-Gone and it would sell for $19.95, but for a limited time offer if you called in the next 5 seconds you could get it for the low introductory price of $9.95!!  plus shipping and handling.

May cause euphoria, a sense of well being, and extreme happiness!

*in small writing at the very bottom of the page where no one reads*
it's been known to cause rectal bleeding.

I guess you gotta take the good with the bad, nothing's perfect.
veilednightmare veilednightmare
31-35, F
1 Response May 16, 2012

You make me smile =:0) ... My therapist once wanted me to take medication. I told her if there was a pill which could give me the meaning of life, peace of mind, deep sense of belonging I would take it... But otherwise no thanks.. In my country anti depressant is also called happy pills. Yeah, happy pills. Wished happiness came in a pill.

I wish happiness was in a pill form.