Becoming Her Wife

This would be sexy. I felt unwell with a cold so my wife Julie gave me some medicine to help me get better. "You have to keep taking these for a long time." She told me with a strange eager excited look on her face. "Oh you might feel strange." She added. I accepted the tablets and took them as per the instructions. I did start to feel strange and the first changes I noticed was that I became less hairy and needed to shave less frequently. Julie started to show more interest in me and became more attentive as I stopped shaving and my face started to look more like a girls and not a mans. She wanted to hug and kiss me more often. Then I felt a weird tingling in my balls that started to sting. When I told my wife about this she became so turned on and ordered me to take an extra tablet a day. She would even play with her **** as she stared at my naked transforming body. Then one morning I was woken by a dull ache I felt my balls with my right hand and when I felt found that they had started to shrink I told my wife. My wife Julie loved this change in me and when I said I no longer felt that I was man enough for her she told me that was the idea and made me take another extra tablet a day. She loved playing with my now empty scrotum. Then my **** started to shrink and I started to develop breasts and a girl like waist and butt.

My wife stroked my shrinking **** and caressed my developing girl body. My **** seemed to be shrinking back into me and slowly started to look like a beautiful *****. I started to like my transformation as I became a girl. When I had turned into a girl my wife took me to a marriage parlour and made her wife.
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Dec 9, 2012