If It Was A Complete Change!!!

I am a member and writer on a site called TGStoryTime.com. There are more than 500 stories on the site but so far there are only 2 that I wish more than anything would have been true. This first is called 'For A Girl' and the change is complete. The story is long and very detailed on many levels. The second is a short story of less than a 1000 words and is about someone that took a pill to change their gender. I do not remember the name of the story but I do remember it made it out that the changes were very painful. But if the changes were complete I would be whiling to put up with any amount of pain.
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I would swallow that pill in a heartbeat.

in less than a second, I would love that pill

A day or two of pain to be happy , I would do it in a heart beat and never look back .

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