There Is - and Every Day We Lose It

Every time someone watches a "reality show" on TV, we lose a battle.

The wars of the future will not take place on battlefields, but in minds.  Where do your opinions come from?  Do you really know?  Who do politicians work for?  Taxpayers?  Do corporations exist because governments let them, or vice versa?  What is the difference between organized religion and big business?  If we trade away our freedom for security, what precisely are we protecting?  Why is America so universally despised - is everybody wrong?  There is a war on ignorance - and every day we lose it. 

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My bride also enjoys them, I don't know why. I think it's the complete lack of reality she finds so appealing.

I have often maintained that the only reason to go to college is to learn how to think. You don't go to collect facts. Thinking is a discipline, and thinking in good faith, with intellectual honesty, is a very difficult and worthwhile skill to master. When you do, the world is changed utterly. As to travel, we disagree. Looking at America through English eyes is transformational, same with Canadian, etc. When you get to the 3rd world, it's practically a religious experience. Travel is not expensive if you're willing to be adaptive, creative, and bend to local custom. As to global warming - smebro - this is eyewash. Global warming is about Hummers and coal-fired power plants, not kids hitch-hiking through Spain. Almost all travel involves Mass Transit - which - as we know - leaves the smallest footprint on mother earth.

But that should not imply that they need to travel to gain perspective...perhaps take the time to read a book or expand their knowledge...<br />
Change should begin with the new generation. Instead of teaching them what to think, we should teach them how to think. Teach critical thinking skills, not just one kind either; many different ways of approaching problems. Do not teach a scientific fact or religious belief as the unequivocal truth, instead present different ways of forming a belief based on evidence. If we can provide that flexible groundwork for thought, we might have a new generation of real thinkers. Start providing the scientific(and if you want, religious) theories at a latter age, once those skills are developed and I think that’s a good path towards better schools (Western worldwide). <br />
As for American ignorance due to lack of travel, I doubt that’s any different to the ignorance in England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or any other English speaking western country where a large portion of the population is unable to travel for obvious reasons (Money)…A solution that required everyone to travel would be pretty expensive and all the global-warming activists would raise up their arms with tears for our earth.

Absolutely agree! Americans have a very narcissistic view of their own culture's importance and sophistication. They also do not understand the toll their standard of living takes on the rest of the world - but they sure feel entitled to it! Traveling isn't just broadening and fun - it's also humbling. Feeling part of a world community totally changes your perspective.

I remember Ricki Lake from a movie...Memphis belle I think, but by that time she was a bit tubby... Hair-spray I have never seen, had to Google it know what it was. I'll keep an eye out for a probable reappearance as TV movie here sometime.

A lot of good thoughts here, too much to respond to all at once. Did you ever see the John Waters' movie Hairspray? The original one with Sonny Bono, Deborah Harry, Divine, and Ruth Brown? Ricki Lake was in that - she was fantastic! That girl could dance.

I don't know, but I once watched a reality show about reality shows and a contestant sociologist said.<br />
"Reality shows show us a reflection of certain behaviours, and help us to analyse our own behaviour, they give us a way to analyse true reactions."<br />
Well gosh darn it, I agree with her...oh hang on, does that mean my opinion is coming from a reality show? Uh-oh.<br />
I consider a lot of what you said as well, and its chaos, good and bad, and a degree of both. <br />
As for why is America despised, I'd say it is the television they broadcast world-wide. How many times I have heard New Zealanders say 'only in America’ when they hear of a curious event in the states. It was all those years of Ricki-lake, it was the endless repeats of Friends (And still going!) It was the fact that America is a super power, and knows it. A lot of people say ‘Americans are all idiots’ which is as good as racism. Ignorance is the reason people hate America, because they forget that in any huge nation there are people who will behave in unusual ways, and in a larger country there are many more that gain attention.<br />
I stand up for America, my New Yorker flatmate opened my eyes to the bias that New Zealanders have, how unfair we are and how we generalise (I hate generalisations)…We’re all English speaking western world, its time we got together and found some common goals.

Yeah well, said. But specially watch out for most po-lie-ticians!!!!

Yikes. I'm blushing. There are no quotes - just El Lagarto schmaltz. Thanks Emerald.

This is your best yet! I think it should also be added to the group" I Like A Good Quote"!