Our Society Is Too Celebrity Driven

When people react to personalities instead of ideas, form instead of substance we also lose the war on ignorance.

France is to be admired in this regard since culturally it celebrates intellectuals, artists, chefs, anyone who can create.  Culturally the United States is bankrupt.

If you were going to describe something that was quintessentially American, as part of the culture, what have we got?  McDonalds, baseball (I love baseball), reality shows (many of which are ripped off from elsewhere), Disney (questionable that this is culture), Hollywood blockbusters....the question is are any of the cultural contributions from the United States improving the greater good of the planet?

The fact that we have how many television programs that do nothing but report on celebrity and entertainment news....that is evidence we are losing the war.  How many magazines, and what circulation devoted to providing celebrity news....how many web sites and web searches that deal only with celebrities....

Reality TV is bad in that it manufactures new lower level celebrities....it appeals to the segment who wants to be a celebrity and fantasizes about being on a reality show to launch their career.

If as a nation we could turn away from celebrity news...just say I don't care....I won't consume media whose main focus is to report on celebrity news...we might have a shot at making a positive step in the war against ignorance....but realistically, we would need to have leaders in our society who prized individuals for their intellectual contributions....and we do not...that is another humongous barrier in winning the war on ignorance, having leadership who approaches problems with thought and intellect.

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4 Responses Jul 21, 2007

Talk about crap on TV. I dont watch much TV, but I've been getting a glimpse of how low American TV has gone lately. Often the channel is set to CNN on the locker room Tv. Having not seen any programs in quite a while.... I was appalled. I just could not believe w/all the important world events happening in the world that CNN chose to talk about the most petty celebrity scandals for at least half-hour intervals. Anchors often asking questions very seriously and intently, as if what type/color of underwear someone wears is a very serious matter to the American public. Ludicrous.

Futility would be not to ask the question it seems. I often wonder who the puppeteer is when I have heard the term "puppet government". I have some theories.

To me, America is a place bustling with creativity, innovation, and diversity. These are traits that I miss about home when I am abroad. <br />
<br />
However, I have to say that I wish these traits were more channeled towards improving our social conscience, and less channeled towards exacerbating the weaknesses within our population. I often wonder what I can do as an individual to help direct our society's energy in a healthier direction. Is this question futile?

I agree with what you say, celebrity worship is a very strange phenomenon. I liken it to the polytheistic religions, those that told scandalous stories about their gods’ sex-lives and scandals. Plus, it makes easy conversation. “Oh god, I am just so freaken sick of hearing about Paris Hilton” “You said it, geez it’s over the top” Cue celebrity bashing. <br />
I think America has a vast bounty of creative minds, they might not be in the limelight, but they probably prefer it that way.