Hey Jude

I started thinking about the worst kind of ignominious people, who are they, what do they do and how do they act?  I know it would be a matter of personal taste, an opinion based on research, or of life experiences.  My first thought would be of those who kill without reason or guilt, or those who have much and do not share, and the parent who brings a new life into this world only to treat that life heartlessly.  Ignorance comes to mind, and it is on a playing field where I can get my hands dirty; if we remove ignorance how many ignominious people would be revealed for what they are and perhaps a new positive pattern of behavior could be put into play.  So I have taken my first baby step, abolish my ignorance and assist another to abolish theirs, and so on and so on…………  ignominious was my new word for today and I share it with you.  Oh not to tell you just to share it, many of you may already know, it was a new word for me.  I use my Hey Jude meter, don't make it  bad make it better, by my learning and understanding the meaning of words will assist me in positive communication. Without misunderstanding there could be peace.

mollydd mollydd
Feb 10, 2010