There Is Someone I Trust

my wife she see me being my self  all the time but it is sad that if my friends saw what my wife see me wearing makeup and a kilt and my hair all curlly my friends wound be my friends that sad

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2 Responses Oct 9, 2009

they wouldnt be your friends you say? I dont believe that I think that if you have friends who are that shady then mabey they dont deserve a place in your heart .<br />
My men wear makeup and ***** for a living do i judge them did i judge them no i never did i knew these people have morals to no matter what they do for a living they are people just like me and you and deserve to be treated as such if your " friends" are gonna treat you in such a manner then they arent friends. Treat yourself with more respect and be proud of that little piece of you that makes you who you are . Lol I share my bed with 5 others im bisexual and i am proud of it because these people are my family and without each other something would be missing we love each other and are not ashamed niether should you