I Don't Understand

I don't understand evil at all. I mean I can see it, and understand when I see it that it is evil, but I cannot understand why people willingly partake of it. There is no rational or logical reason for evil behavior in humans. I have to conclude that there must be something wrong with evil people, like a form of insanity. Or they don't feel things at all, like a sociopath. I wonder if sociopaths are even human, and if they have souls. At what point in someone's lust for power do they sacrifice their very humanity? Does the death of their humanity mean that they no longer have a soul, that they are become possessed, or that they have so damaged their own innate goodness that they have become something else entirely... a monster...? I really feel like I have no way of comprehending evil at all, these are just guesses.
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hink that you and i are on the same page here... i too am very much perplexed and bothered by the evil that runs rampant every single day.

whether evil presents itself on a much grander scale (mass murder and/or oppression, terrorism, torture, etc), or whether evil presents itself on a much smaller scale (bullying, harassment, abuse, etc), or whether evil presents itself somewhere in between... the one thing that we should all be able to recognize by now is that evil can & does exist to various extents & extremes - and it reveals itself in various ways...

evil can scream for your attention, or it can be hidden in very low-key fashion. the latter is particularly important, as this type of evil is difficult to recognize (and often has a more severe impact)... low-key evil especially thrives on manipulation & deception, wherein it may have the power to influence the judgment of the masses (i.e. cult leaders)... or, it could manifest itself by taking a much more individualized approach (i.e. those "respectable" sociopaths who systematically destroy the lives of others one by one). evil has no boundaries or limitations...

of course, i am not suggesting here that we revert back to the days of "witch burning" or making unfounded and potentially false accusations... but i do want people to be more aware of all of the evil & hatred that surrounds them, so that they can learn to detect it and recognize the source... so that they are not easily fooled, misled, tempted, deceived or manipulated.

but then again, many who do see evil unfortunately choose to turn the other cheek, most often due to fear (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) - and how cowardly and pathetic is that!?? nevertheless, it is just another senseless way in which people have often been conditioned to respond to evil.

it is true that we as humans are flawed & imperfect. we do have free will (unless you believe in demonic possession), and we will sin. we will make mistakes & bad choices, and we will use poor judgement at times...

so does that make us inherently evil?... Or are we simply imperfect & forgivable humans who sometimes commit evil acts? Or is demonic possession to blame?

truth is - we don't know for sure. i don't personally believe that anybody is "born evil"... but i do believe that people choose evil at times, while others commit to a lifestyle and/or lifetime of evil intent - thus essentially becoming evil.

furthermore, what constitutes "evil" can & will be debated, as there exists many grey areas of moral controversy (i.e. cheating/adultery, lying, theft, prostitution, drug involvement, abortion, etc). many of these acts are leniently regarded, because they are often measured by their impact, severity, or circumstances that surround them. these are our more common sins in life that have been more easily accepted & forgiven, because most of us are familiar with having experienced guilt, grief, regret or remorse that resulted from committing one of these "grey area" type of sins.

nevertheless, it is expected that the majority of people are able to recognize both evil & wrongdoing when they see it, and to react accordingly (in good faith)... but unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case. instead, those of us with much bigger hearts who strongly value truth, virtue & justice often end up feeling like "the one who wasn't bitten" in a land full of zombies. it can truly feel as if the whole world has gone insane. when we ask the cliché question "is it just ME - or is it the rest of the world???"... truth is, it probably really is the rest of the world :) after all, history has taught us that truth is stranger than fiction - just look at how easy it was for Hitler to influence as many as he did with such evil will...

No, we are not hardwired to do wrong, that is a misnomer. Also an excuse.

you must understand that we are hardwired to do wrong;self gratification, survival of the fittest, and the strong shall prosper etc. The body wants one thing, while the soul wants another.

They are insane. ...but then again the devil is real. He could take over , if people are not strong enough to fight him off.

I know that with my head... but I don't understand it in my heart and soul. I don't think any amount of psychological trauma (and I have had a lot) would make me go even close to that...

I find that most of the time, people that are deemed "evil" have a lot of underlying psychological issues, dilemmas, and generally something in their past corrupted them enough to do the evil things they do, and see it as exciting or justified. More often than not it is too late to return them to Jesus or God because they are too mentally "gone."<br />
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Some are just cruel, however. Not all have gone through the psychological dilemmas some have. We are humans, and we are heavily flawed. And some individuals have some very sickening desires... including rape, ******, etc.<br />
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I do not think it is demonic possession or anything "evil" causing it. We are just human and heavily flawed. Some aim at perfection, and others could not care less and only think of their own happiness and pleasures before others. It is what happens when God gives us free will. But if you look at the animal kingdom, it is not much different. It is just we tend to be more intellectual beings that have a greater understanding of things, and question the actions of others.