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Don't you wish that there was more average size models? You know the kind that didn't break when you hugged them and the kind that didn't blow away in the wind. I do. To me if there were more average sized models then that would make a better representation to America and give the modern girl a better body image then thinking that they have to be 'sticks'. I can't tell you how many times I wished I was a size 3 instead of a size 12 but as the years past I realized that I was beautiful just as I was and that maybe the models needed to change.
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It is hard to find real size models. i have clients asking me all the time for photos with girls who are plus size or not skinnny breakable girls. I need some real sized girls in my portfolio. I have plus sized women, but not any of them are under 25

I totally agree with you! Extreme thinness is NOT the norm and yet it is held up as the standard of beauty by models, actresses, and singers alike. Most of these women today in the fashion and entertainment industry are under size 2. Whatever happened to Marilyn Monroe? At a size 12, she is still considered one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the media... We need her back to show these impish skeletons what a real beauty looks like!

Don't wish you were a size 3 instead if 12. You are beautiful as you are!<br />
I quite agree, models are too thin and although it is nice to hug a slim little soul it is also lovely to hug a nice warm cuddly girl and to feel her soft hair against my cheek and to kiss her temple.<br />
All women are beautiful it is just that some of them do not know how to look beautiful. This does not mean hiding away before a "face " has been put on, what it means, or can mean, is that the woman is just not behaving as a beautiful woman.<br />
Maybe I am in the minority in this but I think all women should be cherished and then their beauty will shine through.