A Possible Cure To Cancer

I don't have cancer -- at least I don't think so. But I drink this tea just in case or for preventive purposes. I make a tea out of lemon grass, green tea, and stevia leaf. I grow my own lemon grass and stevia plant, I take a stalk, leaves and all of lemon grass, cut it in pieces, put it in the blender with a handful of stevia leaves. Add some water, blend it, boil it for five minutes with two bags of green tea, and strain it. I like to add a swirl of soy milk or almond milk. Not only it's delicious but if you search the net there are alot of articles saying that lemon grass can possibly cure cancer.
Also people that have cancer also have to stop eating meat, and dairy -- at least while they are undergoing treatment.
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There is a real cure. Most people wont believe me tho of course.
Its called DCA, You have to take it with vit. And it slowly cures up the cancer over 1 year. theres a ton of research I have on it. I been researching cancer in an unofficial cap. for several years now. Because I had a daughter die.

Sorry for your lost. Loosing someone you love, specially a mother is extremely difficult. But your mother is only gone physically -- she is in heaven with God. I think mothers are special beings for they are co-creators with God. They have a place next to God. The physical world is not all there is, there exist an invisible world -- at least to us human beings -- where ,one day we'll be going. The only thing for you to do is to honor your mother thru your life -- for this will keep her alive in your heart and mind.

I also wish they find the cure for cancer , because I lost my mother just because she had breast cancer, even going through all the medical terminology she was brave to fight with it and used to be like normal , doing all normal routine home works , taking care of children and husband ! it's almost getting 2 years now but even now i cannot accept she is gone, I don't cry often but at time when i am all alone my eyes get teary and heart feel heavy ! .