Hits Home Hard

I think everyone knows someone who's had cancer.  I wish they'd hurry up and find a cure for it.  It's not from a lack of trying, but it's so sad to see how people suffer with it.  Now I know there a lot of people with other horrible diseases that need help just as much, but it's cancer that's affected my family.  Most recently it was my dad.  He died of Multiple Myeloma at age 81.  The doctors diagnosed him just 6 months before he passed away.  They said it was very aggressive and not responding to therapy.  Multiple Myeloma is a cancer that has no cure--only the symptoms can be treated.  It's still a very horrible disease and watching my father with it was more heartbreaking than I can even express.  His mom had pancreas cancer, his brother had colon cancer, and their cancer killed them also.  His two sisters both had bouts of cancer but something else killed them.  Still the worry of the "C" word though.  On my mom's side, her sister died at age 49 of lung cancer.  She only knew she had it about 3 months.  We had to watch another aunt with lung cancer also.  Then there's my cousin with Leukemia....Reading the paper is so sad when I see so many people who have died of cancer.  Kids with cancer has got to be the worst.  It doesn't just kill the person, it kills the entire family, having to watch those we love with it.  Will it ever end?  Will a cure be found?  I keep reading that they're close.  I hope and pray a cure will be found soon.  I am in awe to those who fight and survive.  Live!  Live!  Live!  I pray for those in need often.  May God be with you.

41-45, F
Mar 4, 2009