I wish things were better not just for me but for everyone, everywhere I look and everyone I talk to seem to be going through some unnecessary suffering, another week passes and I'm filled with more disappointment and hurt, when will things start looking up? I sit and think back to when life seemed happier and I was filled with so much energy,  now I'm a faded version of myself and everyday I struggle to keep myself from completely fading away. I search for answers and keep coming up empty, I want the happiness back but I have no clue where to begin.

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you are welcome...interesting avatar too BTW

C Thank you sooo much for taking time to read my story and for the awesome comment and It's nice to know other people who understand. :)

Shallow as they are , Fangs comments dont suggest a clue for helping you Tupac is dead... shot down by drug dealing gangsters dont listen to that crap..... I know exactly how you feel.... I feel that finding importance in who we are is at the heart of happiness. Trying to find a sense of belonging is a good place to start.. Being wanted by your love interest is also important... but to truely gain back what we have lost is something that we can help eachother to do... you have a voice... a heart, and a mind... so do I .... Lets use them to bring out the shining soul inside of us. Write back soon!

Thanks for the comments.