Life Used To Be So Much Better !!!

Going back a couple of years ago....... I had it all!   Really good job in a busy town (in another country), a lovely house, and a handsome fiance who I loved so much and two beautiful children, and I had never been happier in my whole life!   I still have my children and I love them so much and I know I'm really lucky to have them in my life, I just wish I could give them a better life, a life they deserve!  Instead I am now bringing them up entirely on my own, I am back in my home country, living in the village I grew up in that is full of nothing but rich folk and gossips!  Im living in council housing with no job and no chance of getting one anytime soon because this place is so rural and the recession has hit the employment here hard!  I have contemplated moving back to the country my children were born in, then maybe they would see their dad as they rarely do as it is!  I know I would have a better chance of getting a good job/career there too.  But I know my family here would be devasted if I go!  I just want the best for my kids and all the advice I can get about what to do to get it!!

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Hugs...Sometimes life gives you lemons but don't come down on your self too hard. I think the recession had hit a lot of people in the worse way. Whats remarkable about children is their ability to see the beauty in situations...I'm sure your a great mom and that will show even if you don't have a job. I know how you feel when you say you wish can give them a better life...I felt that way when I first lost my job(I'm been looking for a year) But God sends messengers of all sorts to give you a message my 8 year old made me realize something by what she said..."Life is not always going to be like this mommy" I believed what she said...actually I knew it to be true. I hope life gets happier and better for you soon. Try and stay motivated, encouraged and think positive. Try not to obsess too much about what you don't have or had it can be the road to ruin. For starters you have your kids, family, love and I am assuming your health...that is more than a lot of people have. You are blessed. Maybe you can take up a course to bide you time in something you have always wanted to do while your home. I can't really tell you what to do as far as moving is concerned but I do think you will make the right choice in the end. Hugs...if you ever want to talk I'm here for you.