Bad Times

I wish I never cheated on my boyfriend , we have been dating for 5 years and 1 of those years I was unfaithful i wish it never happened but I was young and nieve , I want to tell him but I can't because I know he will leave and I'm not that person anymore , Why can't I have a rewind button? He totally does not deserve this what can I do without telling him what has happened in the past to make things better so I can move on with my life and leave the past in the past .
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take him to a quiet private place

ask him to be the man you need him to be

sit him in a chair, bend yourself over his knee

lower your bottoms and panties hand him a hairbrush

tell him why you need spanked.

and tell him if you are committed to loving, honoring and obeying him

and therefore he has the right and responsibly to disciple you.