Curse the Day

I wish I had never been born!

Shonnie Shonnie
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 24, 2008

Shonnie..Caged rave is right ourlives are like a pond: toss a rock into the water..ripples go outward in all directions in everwidening circles. Thefirst thing that one of the ripples touches interacts to give off new ripples, all radiating in all directions.. <br />
And I would feel awful if something happened to you and no one was able to give you a word of encouragement.<br />
<br />
So I think we are all stronger than what we think we are..Think of the millions of the jews in the camps in WW2..They each endured terrors that we have a hard time understanding how anyone could survive. <br />
You hang in there, hold on, and don't give up.<br />
I'm thinking about you, and praying for you.<br />
Pray: If you're out there God, Show me.

I'm sorry that no one has come into this post to try to encourage you. I'm sorry you felt this way, and I sincerely hope you are not still feeling this way. I can understand how some days you may feel useless and wish you had never been born. But think of all the lives you have touched just by being here. I know it's hard sometimes, but do you know even the stranger on the street that you smile at is touched by your presence. There are so many (seemingly) little things that we do or say that make large impacts on others. And you are no different.<br />
<br />
I really do hope this feeling for you has passed.