My Past.........

Despite I knew that its not going to work finally, I wasted five years of my life in a relationship with a guy. I could not grow myself personally and professionally because he was there in my life. Not that he did not love me or he dint care, he loved me a lot, but we were just not made for each other.

Had he not been in my life, I would have been somewhere else in life today. Anyway, now i am getting married to a guy who wants me to excel in whatever I do, but now its too late to work towards my undone ambitions.......I still thank God a lot to place me where I am. Thank you almighty.

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2 Responses Apr 2, 2009

To add to previous comments, regret is a great time waster. The past is what it is - the past. It is a series of events and relationships that we can learn from to help us grow and move toward the future, or we can see them as stumbling blocks to keep us locked down. The decision is always ours. If you were in that relationship for five years, (unless you were really sleeping) you learned something that you are carrying into your present relationship. You can't know which road you would be on today if your past was different, because of all the factors that are involved. It is good that you are thankful for where you are now. Don't even waste your time regretting the past.<br />
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Love and power to you.

Sounds like the story of my life.Only difference is,I feel asleep,like I will soon wake up and start my life.It is never too late to pursue dreams.Unless your dream needed to start at age 3.