I Wish I Never Spoke to You

I tried to talk to you everyday and you would never open up to me.  She entered the picture and you were as open as a book to her.  You guided her and answered all her questions, me you pushed a side .  It didn't matter that I helped you when you started work there.  I told you how lonely I was and how I needed friends.  You told me that I needed to find my own.  I asked for your help with purchasing items personally you blew me off and never offered to help me.  She asked you for advice on purchasing personal items and you drop everything to help her. 

I wish I never had to work with the both of you  It's hard to watch you and her be close friends.  I wanted your friendship and you didn't feel the same.  I only ask WHY, Why were you put in front of me if we were never meant to be friends?  Why did I desire that when you were put there for her not me? She gets you and I get no one. No one to feel a connection with.  I started to feel a connection with you and I must have been lying to myself.  When will someone enter my life whom will be close to me  like she is close to you.

I regret even bothering to talk to you.  I would've been better never opening up to you and suffering with only my loneliness.  Now I have my loneliness and a broken heart to boot.  

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1 Response May 3, 2009

Oh ****, sister, I know how you must hurt like hell. I so much empathize with you. I wish I knew how to make you feel better. Peace.