Time Became My Friend, But I Had to Do All the Work

Time was definately not my friend. From early on I realized that time was farily cruel and unforgiving, not necessarily good friend material. I was actually somewhat intimidated and afraid of time, though I knew deep down, I would benefit from making her a friend.

In fact, I was so affected and afraid of time that at 18 I got a tattoo of an hourglass with a skull on top and blood dripping from one chamber to the next. I wanted to remind my future self that time was fleeting and wanted to encourage my adult self to be aware of time.

These days, I can say I feel at ease with time. We have made friends, but I had to do all the work. Time would have been happy being distant, scary, mysterious, intimidating. But, I made an effort. I went out of my way to get to know time, to overcome my fears.

Now time is a good friend. She keeps my aware. She helps me appreciate my world. She reminds me to prioritize. She advises me to not worry about things beyond my control. She teaches me hard lessons, but ones that make me more grateful. Time is my friend. I would encourage anyone to get to know her. She seems cruel on the outside, but once you know her, there is a lot to love.

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1 Response Aug 15, 2007

Post script--<br />
11 p.m....late in the week. Currently, I think time is a *****. Just like any friend, you can't always get along. I've had a few too many late nights and a couple of early mornings with work. Now I'm feeling my friend time is just not supportive enough and not around when I need her. Anyway, time to catch some zzz's and hopefully time and I will make up tomorrow. No friendship is absolutely maintenance free. She's ******* me off right this moment, but I still love her.....