I Was a Supergirl

I was a superhero growing up. My cousins and siblings had formed a group and used our mental powers to control our parents. (We'd make them let us stay over each others houses) We would spy on our neighbors wearing our superhero costumes, break into their barn and try to get the proof we needed to show the world that they were actually aliens that turned people into horses. We would tell the horses that we would save them and return them to their families when we found the cure, sneaking them carrots and talking to them. They would nod in response, of course.  We built a village in the woods behind my grandmothers house, we wrote a constitution, elected a mayor monthly, claimed and bought land with arrowheads used for currency made by the town mint. It was our training project. My houses were always lame, a few sticks leaning against a tree covered in pine branches. My cousin would build his house like an igloo shape, the bottom would be a rock wall with a dome top made out of sticks and tree's and pine. It was great, safest place when the weather was bad. The number one rule in the village was that no foreign objects were allowed in, this would keep our parents from ruining our fun by complaining about trash, and out of our hair. We would train for battles by sparring with one another (with limitations of course). We fought supernatural creatures with our mind power, we made the wind blow, caused rainstorms, had extraordinary healing abilities, and worked as a team. We continued this for 6 years, it was our on going project. Growing up a superhero was awesome, I love looking back on that part of my childhood.
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1 Response May 10, 2007

wow thats sounds like a kool childhood. my family saved a bird one time. It was this little sparrow that my dad found at his consration site, so he took it home and we fed it, and named it jack. then about a week later mt day my dad took him back and set him in a safe spot away from bulldozers.