I wouldn't mind beeing in loli anime or manga anime/hentai,or ****** loli hentai manga.That would be perfectly ok,by me!
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i luv that loli stuff lol but ive only seen a lil bit...wots the diffrence between anime n hentai n manga anyway???

Just go to anime/hentai sites and see for yourself....hentai is *****(mostly) anime is everything else(my favourite is mecha anime(giant robots anime-comic books-Robotech style).If you like ****** underage futanari,yaoi,etc...hentais is right stuff for you(it has alot more than that but i mention this as an example).

kewl thanx =) wot about manga?

Well you watched Japan cartoons(or Japan style cartoons)? Again,they made such titles as (my favourite) Robotech,Granzort,etc...there's enough things for everybody..also there such beautifull stuff as Planetes (one of my favourite anime manga)....just beautifull..watch it and enjoy....

thanx =) i mean like wots the dif between anime n manga or between hentai n manga? i dunno how 2 tell wot kind im watchin lol

Anime is mostly animated cartoon ,japanised style mostly,manga canbe read as in comic book(for all ages and social statuses).Did i heled you now?

kewl! thanx =D

No problem...;-D

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